Distributed Control System 
Programmable Logic Controller
Variable Frequency Drives
SCADA solutions
Mimic Panels

Electrical /  Sub-station

DG Synchronizing and PLC based Auto Load Sharing Systems
HT Panels
Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) Panels
Relay and metering Panels
Power Distribution Systems
Energy Monitoring of Micro-Hydro Plants

Environmental monitoring

Acoustic Measurement
Weather Instrument

Information Technology

Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS)
Passenger information systems
High Performing Computing (HPC) System

Power Supplies

AC/DC Power supply systems
DC/DC Power supply systems
DC / AC Power distribution systems
Standby Power Supplies
Power Line Conditioners / Static Voltage Regulators
Standby Diesel Generator
Solar Systems

Lab Equipment

Battery Testing
WLED Photometric Testing
Solar PV Testing
Programmable DC Electronic Load Testing
Programmable Switching DC Supply

Security Equipment

X-ray Screening Solutions
Mail screening devices
Metal Detectors
Cargo & Vehicle Inspection
Chemical Agents Detection
Chemical Identification
Explosives/Narcotics Detection
Radiation Detection
Security Checkpoint Solutions
Security fencing and intrusion control
Camera and CCTV
Underwater Metal Detector

Test & Measurement Equipment

Cable Fault Locator
Circuit Breaker Test Equipment
Insulation Oil Testing
Insulation Resistance Testing
Battery Testing
Earth Testing
Multimeter and Clampmeter
Time Domain Reflectometer
Relay Testing
Transformer Testing
Construction Measurement

Communication Equipment

Air Traffic Control Voice & Data Recorders
Antenna Combining Systems
Copper and Fibre Cabling Systems
Emergency/Back-up Communication Systems
HF Communications
Radio Links
UHF Communications
VHF Communications
Voice Communication and Control Systems (VCCS)

Navigation Equipment

Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)
Doppler VHF Omnidirectional Range (DVOR)
Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) 
Non-Directional-Radio Beacons (NDBs)


Automatic Dependent Surveillance System (ADS-B)
Multilateration (MLAT)
Wide Area Multilateration (WAM)

Airport Solutions

AFTN equipment
Air Traffic Control Tower Systems
Airfield Lighting
ATC Consoles
ATC Control Room Furniture & Display Systems
Flight inspection and calibration
Master Clock Systems
Radar and Navigation Aid computer modeling

Rescue and Fire Fighting

Fire Vehicle
Fire Extinguisher
Rescue and first aid equipment
Fire Fighting Ancillaries

Rappeling and Climbing

Rescue Ropes
Climbing Shoes

Search and Rescue equipment

Sound Navigation and Ranging (SONAR)
Life Detector
Lifting Bag
Hydraulic Cutter 
Rescue Ram

Facilities Maintenance

Adhesives, Admixtures, Additives, Sealants 
Paints & Coatings
Dispensing Equipment
Wearing Compounds/Epoxies/Urethanes