RunWize – FODetect – BirdWize

Bird strikes have caused fatal accidents in the past, and even if the majority of bird strikes are harmless ( humans), the cost involved can not be ignored. Bird strikes cost the entire aviation industry billions of dollars in direct and in-direct costs due to aircraft damage, delays etc. As over 40% of bird strikes occur on ground level, Xsight Systems has integrated an Automatic Bird Recognition and Deterrence capability (BirdWize) to its Runway Management Solution (RunWize). This has already helped Port of Seattle – Tacoma International Airport reduce the number of bird strikes with more than 50% since it was installed in 2015.

44% of aircrafts destroyed by bird strikes were caused byon-runway strikes.

41% of bird strikes occur at ground level.

58% of birds & wildlife activity on runways occur during night time.



BirdWize is an enhancement to FODetect, Xsight Systems’ Automated FOD Detection Solution, offering comprehensive runway ground level bird hazard management. By providing constant runway surveillance and remote bird auditory deterrence, BirdWize enables safe and continuous runway operations during day and night.

BirdWize Benefits:

  • Enhance runway safety : Constant runway surveillance with bird deterrence that keeps the runway clear and safe
  • Raise operational efficiency : Registers runway bird behavior enabling proactive measures to reduce bird strike risks
  • Improve workforce productivity : Automates manual procedures, no need to dispatch personnel to detect and deter hazardous birds on the runway
  • Increase runway capacity : By remotely operating auditory deterrence, the runway maintains continued operations with no interruptions