Rooftop Helipad lighting – LED Perimeter Lights, LED Flood Lights

Hospital treat patients flown in by helicopter for urgent or emergency medical services. For optimal safety when patients are being picked up and dropped off via the helipad, both LED flood lighting and LED perimeter lighting are necessary.

MSIPL offers reliable LED lighting with minimal maintenance, we design, supply and provide installation of the Hospital rooftop helipad with enhanced safety.

The LED helipad lighting give long-life, illumination during low light periods, such as evening, early morning and during poor weather conditions, as well as being durable when exposed to the elements. Designed to be resistant to weathering and wear-and-tear. Helipad lighting could either be installed directly onto concrete with a frangible mount assembly and a base, or alternatively using a rubber mounting tile.

The helipad lights are also able to be wirelessly controlled, enabling the helicopter pilot or ground crew to be able to switch the lights on when necessary, as well as schedule these to turn off.




MSIPL provide complete heliport, helipad and helideck solutions, from initial design through to commissioning of heliport for commercial applications, private or residential buildings, government installations and hospitals/healthcare industry. The heliport solutions are designed to the latest standards of the Civil Aviation Code of installation – Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in conjunction with the ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs).

MSIPL can provide complete heliport lighting solutions that enhance aviation and heliport safety worldwide. We offer a comprehensive range of ICAO and FAA heliport lighting products and accessories to assist pilots with visual guidance and safe navigation of obstacles. All of heliport lights use the latest LED technology as their light source. The lenses are low-powered, high intensity LEDs designed specifically for superior optical performance, are cost efficient and the most reliable lights on the market.

Our complete Heliport solutions include a portable EMS Helipad Kit – a portable helipad lighting solution for medevac and other emergency situations, Solar Helipad Perimeter Lighting – a solar powered, wirelessly controlled, completely self-contained LED heliport light, Solar Helipad Flood Lighting – a wireless-controlled flood light for helipads, Universal DC Helipad Flood Light – designed for helipad surface lighting and Inset Helipad Lighting – an alternative to elevated lights, the omnidirectional LED inset light can be used as a visual aid for helipads.

MSIPL has been supplying airfield solutions to customers in Nepal for over 20 years and have become one of the trusted system integrator. We have a proven reputation for lighting solutions specifically designed for defence, government, civil and humanitarian aid operations in the most remote, toughest environments.