Koden DM-602R/604R Ultrasonic Drilling Monitor for Construction

Recent progress and development in foundation engineering has resulted in great strides in excavation techniques. By using artificial slurry of high density and specific gravity, deeper excavation has been made possible. The DM602R/604R series Drilling Monitor system has been developed in compliance with the user’s needs arisen from the recent construction environment to accurately measure and record the shape of a drilled hole of greater depth. It can be easily positioned and set up for measurement to provide quick and accurate recordings of excavations. The DM602R/604R series Drilling Monitor provides the following advantages. Helps improve the quality of a drilled hole and reduces working time and cost. Provides on site records of the perpendicularity of drilled holes and the shape of cross sections in high accuracy. Provides numerical measurement data that can be easily imported into various Windows applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) for work reports, etc.


  • Deeper excavation measurement in high accuracy
  • Clear recording even in slurry contaminated with dirt and sand
  • High quality excavation work reducing time and cost


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Koden’s Drilling Monitors shape up to more intelligent utility device intended for more complex civil and foundation work.The new DM-602R/604R with additional functions offer precise measurement, display and recording of perpendicularity of drilled holes and the shapes of cross-sections.


  • Easier and simpler to operate. You can manipulate the DM-602R/604R just like a home appliance.
  • Gain control switch, auto and manual, is provided.
  • Clear and precise records make your data reading and analysis easier.
  • Measurement range and depth data are indicated on the recording paper with wall face marks and numbers.
  • Furthermore, the recorded data can be output to an external PC via a built-in RS 232C output port.