Jotun – Jotamastic 87 Anticorrosive coating

Jotamastic 87 is a two component epoxy mastic coating for repair and maintenance. The product is surface tolerant, high solids, high build product. Specially designed for areas where optimum surface preparation is not possible or desired. Provides long-lasting protection in environments with high corrosivity.

Jotamastic 87 can be used as primer, mid coat and finish coat or as single coat system in atmospheric and immersed environments. It can be applied at sub zero surface temperatures.

Product type: Anticorrosive coating
Area of use: Protective: recommended for offshore environments, including splash zones, refineries, power plants, bridges, buildings, mining equipment and general structural steel

Substrate: Carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, concrete and a range of aged coating surfaces

  • Surface tolerant for maintenance and repair
  • More than 25 years track record
  • For severe environments requiring long liftetime expectancy


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Durable maintenance solution for harsh environments

Well proven
Jotamastic 87 revolutionised the maintenance business when introduced more than 25 years ago, with an unprecedented track record.Durable solution in harsh environments
Designed to provide long-lasting protection in severe environmentsSurface Tolerant
Specially designed for areas where optimum surface preparation is not possible or desired, and therefor ideal for maintenance and repair.Variants
Jotamastic 87 offers a range of variants for special usage situations where further enhancement of key features is needed.

  • Aluminium: for extra barrier effect in extreme environments and improved resistance to cathodic disbonding if direct to steel contact.
  • Glass flake: for increased abrasion resistance
  • MIO: micaceous iron oxide for increased barrier effect and abrasion resistance

For use in a wide range of solutions

  • Direct to metal
  • As midcoat on zinc primers
  • Immersed service