Jotron TR-810 Multi purpose VHF/AM Airband Transceiver

The TR-810 is a lightweight, rugged and flexible radio. There are several applications of the TR-810; desktop radio, vehicle radio, man portable radio, last resort radio or a 19”/2U enclosure suitable for rack mounting. Detachable Operator Control Panel offers flexible installation. Communication between the two units occurs via a CAT5 cable.

The radio is designed to be the recommended solution for applications where remote control of the radio is not needed. Flexible to AC or DC mains, with a battery pack solution.

These applications are ground services at airports, vehicle installation, and portable emergency purposes. With ETSI, FCC and Marine standard approvals, this radio is also the natural choice for offshore installations, heli-decks and other applications where ground-to-air communication is essential. The unique RF technology and components conforming this high quality radio, utilize the battery capacity to a maximum.

The control functions are easy and logical, with background lighting in the LCD display and the keyboard. In addition, the radios can also be set up via a PC. Other features are terminals for external loudspeaker and voice recording facilities.

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Multi purpose VHF/AM Transceiver

TR-810 is designed to meet future demands for a lightweight, rugged and flexible radio, specially designed for vehicle and desk-top applications. The flexible design is achieved by making the Operators Control Panel (OCP) detachable from the compact base unit. Communication between the two units is via standard CAT-5 cable. By being able to separate the OCP from the base unit, it opens up for several user applications.

Article numbers:

83200VE     TR-810 VE Transceiver Vehicle version 10W
83200     TR-810 Transceiver Base Unit
86417     TR-810 VE Accessories
(Microphone, antenna, antenna adaptor FME-BMC, external
loudspeaker, DC cable, 5m cable, console bracket, front module bracket
and manual)

83200DE    TR-810 DE Transceiver Desktop version
83200     TR-810 Transceiver Base Unit
86419    TR-810 DE Accessories
(Microphone, power AC/DC, front module bracket, antenna connector
BNC-RG213, console bracket and manual)

83200MP     TR-810 MP Transceiver Man Portable version
83200 TR-810 Transceiver Base Unit
86416 TR-810 MPAccessories
(Microphone, battery backup, carrying bag, antenna, antenna cable,
antenna bracket, fasten bracket, interconnection cable, DC power cable,
power AC/DC w/connector and manual)

83200LR     TR-810 LR Transceiver Last Resort version
83200 TR-810 Transceiver Base Unit
86418 TR-810 MPAccessories
(Microphone, battery backup, power AC/DC w/connector,
220V AC cable w/plugs, antenna adaptor BNC, console bracket,fasten
bracket, support knob and manual)

83200SR      TR-810 SR Transceiver Sub Rack version
83200 TR-810 Transceiver Base Unit
86898 TR-810 SR Accessories
(incl. 19?/2HU enclosure, Microphone, 220V AC cable  w/plugs,
DC plug and manual)

83200OF      TR-810 OF Transceiver Offshore version
83200 TR-810 Transceiver Base Unit
86420 TR-810 OF Accessories
(Microphone, AC/DC power, antenna adapter,  220V AC cable,
5m cable, console bracket, console cover plate, front module bracket,
front cover plate with flange and manual)