Reliable distributor and systems integrator since 1994. We are not just delivering turnkey projects. We are building nation.

Our Services

Engineering Application and Design

  • Systems engineering, application and design
  • Detailed CAD design drawings and documentation
  • Custom engineered solutions and product development, Custom software development

Project Management

  • Complete management of turnkey projects
  • Coordination of third-party products, Coordination with contractors and other parties
  • Certification of compliance with specifications
  • Final inspection and verification

System Testing and Certification

  • Factory Acceptance tests on the entire systems to be provided
  • Safety Inspections prior to shipment

Maintenance Services

  • Technical Support
  • Repairs
  • System Upgrades
  • Remote System Analysis

Field Services

  • On-Site Startup & Commissioning
  • Turnkey Installation Services
  • Operations & Maintenance Training
  • Test & Inspection Services

Why us?

25 Years Experience

Our strength is our experience, reputation, integrity, flexibility


Professional managed, realistic systems, standardised processes


Ability to translate complex technology to local environment


Technical support very highly rated by our customers for Overall Experience

Product portfolio

Offer Strong, off-the-shelf products and solutions based on standard technology


accredited the new ISO 9001:2015 standard following an intensive audit by URS